Magical Writings of Ithell Colquhoun – new kindle book

Further to my previous blog post “magician born of nature” I have released the new kindle version. Includes a series of Tarot lectures that she gave to either the Golden Dawn, Masonic, OTO, Druidic or Gnostic Orders in which she was ordained. Also four essays on the Qabalah – “The Crown and The Kingdom.” Other articles offer profound insights into Neoplatonic (Hermetic), Alchemical or Gnostic philosophy, The Cube of Space, Druidry, there is a Ma’at ritual, painted and hand-drawn illustrations, De Astris Interioribus – Western and Eastern Chakras, The Pilgrimage – a one-act play, Tattwas through the Day, Crowley – The Dying Kick of the Dying-God, Taro as Colour (surrealism & Yeatsian automatism), plus an Introduction by Steve Nichols, and Appendixes including Dion Fortune, impressions of Initiation Thoth-Hermes GD Temple, WB Yeats and Maud Gonne, and a brief Biography. Reprint of 2007 edition with minor updates. The kindle edition is in colour and has hyperlinks.

The paperback is proving more problematic and may be some time (will be more expensive, b/w, am not sure whether to bother). Maybe I was wrong and the old Lulu paperback first editions will be collectable and worth the high sums being asked. BTW if you have any old copies of Prytania I might be interested in purchasing them …..

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