Taro of the Four Worlds kdp

NEW KINDLE Vicenzo Cartari described these 88 imagos in Renaissance Italy in 1571 CE. Cartari was an antiquarian, and most of the imagos he depicts come from the late Ptolemaic period. In Tarot of the Four Worlds (T4W) I allocate each imago to a specific Elemental World (Chess board) and to one of the 88 netibuth. My names won’t be agreed by everyone and can be argued about, but the reasons for these names are given here with reference to Cartari and Linche.

The many extra b/w illustrations throughout are from different editions of Cartari (I was an antiquarian book dealer specialising in Emblem books, and have most early Cartari editions). Divination meanings, history of the deck, magical theory, the original written descriptions and mythology from C16th Italy are given. Also an easy to learn spreads and some advice on using these in divination. Taro of the Four Worlds provide an immediate and fascinating insight into the minds of the ancients. This 2020 kindle edition retains all text and illustrations from the 2006 lulu first editon paperback, but adds hypertext and colour. 

These engravings, are by Bolognino Zaltieri. A later 1614 edition has slightly different engravings by Paulus Hachenberg, and fairly soon I hope to publish a volume with colored versions of these imagos. Of particular interest is that some retain banners of names or slogans associated with particular emblemata. Example imago 30 shown below.

The birth of Tarrochini in Italy predates Cartari. The “Four Orders of Virtue” game by Martiano da Tortona is first mentioned in 1425 CE. Robert Place and Ross Caldwell have replicated the lost paintings of the da Tortona using written descriptions. My approach is to use “Images of the Ancient Gods” (Cartari’s book) as the source images for Apollo, Hercules and the others. These icons would have been familiar to da Tortona, and likely formed the basis for his lost paintings.

On a practical note, there are four Enochian Chess boards and four sets of pieces, but only one tarot pack to service all four chessboards. Since there are 88 netibuth (paths) 4 x 22 across the Four Elemental Worlds; to extend the limited Golden Dawn system you need 88 (4 x 22) major and 224 (4×56) minor atous to make four tarot decks each of 78 cards. These 88 are ready made. By serendipity (or because tarot triumphs “Wheel of Fortuna” and so on were Christianised from Hellenic originals, so can swiftly be deconstructed back) I found it fairly obvious to identify which 88 T4W belonged in the 4 groups of 22. Again, you can argue around the edges.

George Wither’s (4 x56) Minor Arcanaii TARO OF THE FOUR WINDS

A ready made 4 sets – attributed to the four elements – of 56 minor atous in each set (also Hellenic emblemata) are bequethed to us by George Withers (see Tarot of the Four Winds, lulu publication). More information on both Taro 4 Worlds and Taro 4 Worlds in Hypermodern Magick, Khemetic Chess. Color kindle “Tarot of the Four Winds” out soon.

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