20 small wide Tsakli kdp

Second in “TSAKLI perfected images” series 20 SMALL WIDE TSAKLI. This Tibetan (probably) or Mongolian series (possibly) series of twenty is unusual in being landscape rather than portrait orientation. Presumably these are C16th or C17th (from the painting style; there is no reverse text to help date them). A few of the cards are quite age damaged. Most are finely and intricately painted, but any shellac has darkened over time.

Because of the condition, differently from most other books in this series, I accompany large untouched and uncropped tsakli images with smaller images that are digitally restored to bring these (thin mulberry) cards closer to their original colors when first painted. I suggest a Sutra text that these may be illustrations from. But even without certainty of some details, and despite their aged condition, a faded beauty still haunts these rare survivals.

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