Posthuman Psychology

This first volume introduces each of the posthuman psychological topics to be covered in this series. Primal eye evolutionary theory of mind has useful applications in the real world, not least in Psychology. Understanding how ancient brains evolved from lockstep E2 to unconstrained E1 circuits allowing abstract thought and dreams, gives us a much needed model how modern brains function. Without clear explanation for all waking and sleeping mentation, all sorts of irrational, religious and supernatural claims fill the scientific void.

Steve worked as a psychotherapist and NSHAP hypnotherapist in the UK, has an MSc in Neural Computation, MBPsS. Steve has worked intermittently as a games theorist, software developer and publisher since the 1980’s, was originator of primal eye theory in 1979, and started the posthuman movement in 1988. Now available for pre-order.

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