28 Tsakli from the Book of the Dark Red Amulet

These 28 tsakli come from two or three different C18th sets, but probably do not constitute the complete series. They are unusual amongst tsakli for being in book (sutra) or landscape format. I replicate the information sheet and two translations that came with these, with mandala instructions and notes on how they worked in initiation.

The Book of the Dark Red Amulet presents the Vajrayana initiatory practice of Vajrakilaya from the oral transmission lineage of the great seventeenth-century treasure-revealer, Tsasum Lingpa. Born in Eastern Tibet in 1685, his mother’s name was Gelekma and his father’s name was Tashi. When young he was taught by Lama Karda Chöje, the head lama of the Karda Monastery of the Gelugpa School. From a monastery in Ngamchen Rong, he revealed a large cycle of terma teachings of the Eight Herukas. Tsasum Lingpa recounted his life up to this point in his own early life autobiography, which is known as the Clear Garland Crystals of Fire (circa 1715).

Other books in TSAKLI perfected images: BLOG 20 small wide tsakli

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