ENERGY 2020 (world energy consumption and the limits of growth)

This important new book from my tsakli buddy and retired Radiation Chemistry professor, Andries Hummel, revises and updates his 2018 book ENERGY II. A high quality 140 page production with plenty of graphics and colour, this book is packed with interesting material.

As a previous Green Party election candidate (I lost to Labour) and having a long-standing interest in environmental issues, especially from the futuristic ‘bright green’ perspective, ENERGY 2020 is now my goto source for all issues concerning energy production and global warming.

It is fact-heavy (not just the usual wordy fluff, gives important equations) and covers all the relevant fields. Not only does it span various types of global warming projections, but has detailed analysis of, e.g., photo-voltaic panels and explains how they work. A similar section introduces “Geo-engineering” to us, and gives some details of future applications.

This is the first entry accepted into the Posthuman University archives, as I think it will be of interest to the future.

From Cloud Press Delft,