Posthuman Politics and Artificial-Death

Artificial-Death – A better deal than any supernaturalist religion can offer? It seems to me along the lines that Julian Huxley intended. Some relief from fear of death. Morality self judged and perhaps situational – but not ethical codes forced on you by an imaginary invisible bullying tyrant(s) or a human calling upon His name.

A lot – possibly most- individuals on trans/ singul/ posthuman lists are drawn to radical futurism for specific reasons of extending life and attaining immortality (continuation of awareness) after physical death by technology. Different groups are working on different projects, but is concentrating on MVT analog circuits with Zenet interface. This is much less ambitious than approaches involving whole brain/ personality/ memory preservation, since there is only need to retain signals relating to game decision making. But who wants to be particularly aware of being dead?

Perhaps because the survival/ longevity/ immortality instinct cuts across all ideologies, I have observed over the decades different clusters of radical futurists of all political persuasions, from Marxists and woke Feminists on the left to Prometheans, Nietscheans, Libertarians and followers of Ayn Rand on the right. Who really cares? Those motivated primarily by political ideology soon get bored with geekism and seek out those more like minded. If any posthuman political party is going to work it should concentrate on the immortality, life extension and avoid areas of contention. Posthuman Politics FB Group.

Of course, immortality itself may be an area of contention between religious futurists and the rest? On a psychological level the notion of training a Zenet machine to learn your cognitive style so that beloved(s) and future descendents can continue to play Zenet with you after passing is positive. Instead of complete nothingness looming; there is promise of a little bit of awareness that may be able to sense fluctuations in light (solar powered), or gain a glimpse of existing again. Or conceivably, who knows, the ancient Egyptians may have been correct in which Zenet will take you safely over the dangerous first stages of travelling in the underworld directly to the Hall of Ma’at or the eighth (Hierus) soul and avoidance of the second death. Psychomorphology. Games are dynamical systems.

Previous post THE 31st GOD introduced the game of Passing, the bridge between the worlds, but I want to say something about the overall concept. You could maybe use a different game, but Zenet suggested itself to me as ideal. Rules vary very slightly between living and dead, which is a help to my coding. I worry slightly about cryogenics for reasons of expense and ecology – if everyone was cryogenically preserved huge amounts of energy would be drained from needs of the living. Both technologies have their place, and maybe new options will be developed in future. The current price of hardware required for the MVT design is a few $1,000 (but practical implementation &c no doubt add to bare hardware costs) and I will also release a digital version for a fraction, $100 target. That version would give psychological solace, even though you would understand that the deceased isn’t actually playing the game with you. It would probably move faster and might well make less mistakes also.

Is this MVT method “uploading”? You could say uploading, but “whole-part fusion” better describes it. There will be a ton more when I get round to next phase of the posthuman university. Top picture is The Morrigan from WB Yeats Celtic Enochian Chess

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The 31st GOD (and Posthuman deities)

Ancient Egyptians clearly thought our species WAS equivalent of the Goddesses and Gods. Not just Pharaohs were considered deities during their lifetime, but lowborn individuals such as Imhotep could raise themselves to this status through great works. In the newly democratised New Kingdom (after the overthrow of dire monothesim for the second time) the ritual game of Zenet/ Senet became a state recognised religion in its own right, and non-royals could attain Godhood. This is one of the reason why I have selected this vehicle as the interface for Artificial-Death; the other major reason being it is the only recorded method whereby living and dead could communicate.

Artificial-Death is a limited form of ‘uploading’, retaining mentation involved in stategic game decisions. In ZENET, the game of Passing, when involving a deceased player, the living player moves first. The deceased plays the other side of the board. A question, or name of the deceased individual, can optionally be written down the central path. Digital versions of the game might be just as good and reliable (and are certainly faster) as the heavily engineered MVT (unconstrained, analog) circuit; but digital (hard-wired) computers cannot compute in real-time because of the rounding errors, so cannot sustain experiential ‘uploading’.

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The Posthuman University

This new blog coincides with the announcement of the posthuman university My observation during this covid time has been that human-era universities are largely unfit for the pandemic prone future. The posthuman university will offer free courses and online course material (with paperback copies available as an option). Certificates can be downloaded on completion of modules and courses. There may be some AI testing designed to ensure the material has been understood, and also innovative peer review of essays at our FB posthuman university group .

In addition to median vision theory, artificial-death and posthuman psychology initial courses to be offered by posthuman university – FB page there are other topics that this blog will cover. The “posthuman TV” of the blog refers to eponymous website and FB posthuman.TV group. The free posthuman daily continues to produce a random crop of news items.